Posts from July, 2008

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Illustrated Vector Landscape Web Design Trend

I’m a big fan of illustrated elements in web design, particularly those that use vector cartoons or characters. A popular trend I’ve noticed is the use of illustrated landscapes, used as part of the website header or built into the complete website design. These often depict grassy fields, blue skies and water, but read on to see a roundup of some fantastic landscape illustrations from various website designs.

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How to Display Your RSS Count in a Cool Tooltip

I recently decided that I wanted to add a little coolness to the RSS icon on Blog.SpoonGraphics by displaying the current subscriber count. Having seen plenty of javascript tooltip examples across the web I decided this would be the best solution, displaying the relevant information when the user hovers over the icon area. Using a combination of an extremely simple jQuery script and a PHP snippet follow this walkthrough on how to show your RSS count in a cool tooltip of your own.