Posts from June, 2008

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37 Kick Ass Rig Car Photography Shots

A rig is a tool often used in automotive photography that attaches to the car or vehicle, enabling a photographic motion shot to be taken by the camera on the end of the rig. The results of using a rig are fantastic, allowing the camera to move at the exact same pace as the car gives a high speed motion blurring to the background and wheels whilst keeping the bodywork in crisp focus.

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The 5 Worst Website Designs in the World

We often read and write articles showcasing the latest, best and most visually inspiring websites on the internet but we tend to forget those on the opposite end of the scale. In order to spread the love to the aesthetically unfortunate, here is an overview of five of the most terrible website design crimes on the net as discovered through the list of least victorious sites on CommandShift3.