Posts from November, 2007

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Frankenspoon World Tour

Back in the Six Months of Blog.SpoonGraphics post I mentioned that I would like to find out a little more about the readers of the site. I've always been amazed at the diverse spread of visitors to the site from around the world so I've come up with this little community project for a bit of fun. Regular visitors may remember Frankenspoon, a downloadable free paper toy. It seems old Frankenspoon has proved quite popular after receiving many nice comments and messages of praise so I thought it would be great to combine him with this experiment. The aim is to have as many people as possible download and create their own Frankenspoon and then place a tagged photograph of him on the Flickr Map, let's see how many cities and countries we can cover across the globe!

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Top 5 Comedy TV Ads for Beer

Some of the best TV advertisements of all time have been those promoting the top Beer and Lager brands. Many of which tend to stray away from the product itself, allowing for a more creative and viral campaign that manages to capture the nature of the average male’s lifestyle. Here are my top 5 favourite Beer and Lager specific TV commercials, limited to those that have been aired on UK TV, but this should allow for a couple you may not have seen before!

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Illustrator QuickFix – Strokes Not Scaling Properly

There are a couple of options that can catch you out in Illustrator; have you ever had the problem where you scale up an object but the strokes don't get any bigger? Or vice versa where you scale down your object but the strokes stay huge leaving your design all out of proportion and looking just plain ugly?!
If you are experiencing this, you'll be glad to know there is a quick and simple fix right in the preferences panel…