Posts from May, 2007

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High Luminosity Range Photo Effect

This simple effect in Photoshop effectively increases the luminosity range of an ordinary photograph, giving a wide spectrum of tones and contrast. The effect was originally discovered whilst I was trying to replicate the style of HDR photography in Adobe Photoshop. Whilst the outcome doesn’t quite compare to HDR, the resulting effect is still pretty cool!

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Create a Vector RSS Icon with Illustrator

Probably one of the most popular and recognisable icons in the web universe; the RSS icon is displayed on many website to indicate the availability of a subscription feed. There are pre-made icons you can download and place on your website, however this tutorial cover the process of creating your own custom vector RSS icon in Illustrator.
Since the icon is to be created in vector format, it can be scaled up or down in size for implementation on future websites you may work on, unlike a raster version which would have to be remade in larger dimensions to prevent pixelation.

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Create a Stunning Car Showroom Brochure

Use Photoshop to transform a digital photograph of your car into a flawless showroom brochure page.
The obvious thing to start with is an actual photograph of your car, we don’t all have a photography studio large enough to house a vehicle and the equipment to capture a professional shot but an image from your average digital camera will do for this mockup. You can help enhance your shot by using a tripod at a low angle, and try and prevent any major reflections on the car bodywork.