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Last week I posted a tutorial covering the process of building a custom WordPress theme, and promised that the theme used for the post would be available to download for Access All Areas members. Well, here it is! Sticky is a simple theme that boasts a sticky sidebar (hence the name!) and features a strict grid based design with subtle textures and a soft beige and red colour scheme.

Sticky is generic enough to be used for any type of blog, but its classy styling would make it a great personal blog, or maybe one that’s based on your favourite hobby or passion. The main feature of Sticky is the sticky sidebar, which stays in place while the content scrolls past it. The whole design is based strictly on a grid, which provides a balanced layout with some touches of style with the offset post thumbnails. Touches of CSS3 styling add some fancy effects for viewers with modern browsers, such as the inset-text and soft shadows.


Sticky WordPress theme

Sticky WordPress theme detail

Sticky WordPress theme details

Threaded comments

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Key features

  • Grid based design
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Subtle textures & colour scheme
  • CSS3 text and shadow effects
  • Enhanced with jQuery
  • Supports threaded comments
  • Tested in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and IE7
  • PSD file included

Like the look of it? Get your hands on it for $7, and enjoy a whole months worth of extra premium content by becoming an Access All Areas member.

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