Access All Areas members are being treated to more exclusive goods from RetroSupply today. The Irvington High vector brush pack is one of the latest additions to the lineup of RetroSupply products and has already received a great early response. It’s a mixed bag of 20 weird and useful Illustrator brushes with high school nostalgia. They’re great for adding textured shading to your illustrations, filling areas with colour, and adding distressing effects around the edges of your artwork.

RetroSupply Co

RetroSupply’s mission is to bring the awesomeness of handmade goods to digital design. Their range of products make it easy for designers to add the craft and tradition of retro design to their work via textures, brushes and actions. Fancy a free sample of their goods? Join the RetroSupply mailing list and receive 9 best selling products free!

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Irvington High Brush Pack for Members

Irvington High Vector Brush Pack

The Irvington High vector brush pack contains 20 ready-to-use brushes for Adobe Illustrator, including halftone interference patterns, hand made cross hatchers, watercolors, doodle fillers, and ink brushes. Instructions for installing, using, and tweaking your brushes are included, along with the famous RetroSupply Quick Reference Sheet that shows you all the brushes, includes tips for using them, and the story behind the pack. Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CC and CS6.

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