This Week’s Favourites – March 6th 2009

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In this week’s roundup of interesting links from across the web we have some creative brochure designs, a collection of sites with beautiful character illustrations, a very cool Illustrator tutorial, a guide to using icons in web design and five logo redesigns that caused the most outrage.

Graphic Fetish

Graphic Fetish

Roundups of inspiring print designs are quite uncommon, but when they do appear on design blogs they often display some cracking examples of creative design. This post of 18 Wickedly Creative Brochure Designs from Graphic Fetish showcases unique designs that play with folds, die-cutting and vibrant print effects.


Dezigner Folio

You’re probably aware of my soft spot for cool little character designs, this article from Dezigner Folio was right up my street. The post titled 20 Sites with Beautiful Character Illustrations picks out some of the best mascots and cartoon characters from sites across the web.

Trans Fuchsian

Trans Fuchsian

This Tutorial for Colourful Lighting Effects in Illustrator from the Trans Fuchsian blog caught my interest. It presents some handy techniques for creating an awesome effect that would usually be more tailored to Photoshop. Great use of blends and effects.

Spoonfed Design

Spoonfed Design

Spoonfed Design recently posted this in depth Guide to Using Icons in Web Design. The article covers some of the theory behind icon use and presents tips on icon use and best practices. Combined with some great examples it’s an excellent read for any web designer.

Logo Designer Blog

Logo Designer Blog

Jacob Cass of Just Creative Design recently launched his new Logo Designer Blog which aims to publish a range of logo and branding related content. I helped out with an article titled 5 Rebrands That Caused The Most Upset, a roundup of large scale corporate redesigns that maybe didn’t receive the responses they had hoped. A brief description of the logo is presented along with some hilarious quotes from various blogs, forums and comment threads.

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  1. copy112 says:

    Nice as always chris, This will keep me bussy for a while :)

  2. Thomas says:

    Thanks, Great round up

  3. Ryan says:

    Great roundup Chris. Thanks for the reading. Appreciated.

  4. Daniel says:

    Thanks Chris, this provides loads more inspiration.

  5. Thanks for all this inspiring stuff! Great round up.

  6. Jacob Cass says:

    Thanks for the link’s out Chris and for writing the article! Look forward to more when you have more time! That Trans Fuchsian website has a nice design!

  7. nice, Chris does not cease to surprise me

  8. Can’t believe I have only just found this blog. Great tips and ideas.

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