This Week's Favourites – July 19th 2008

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Continuing my roundup of my week of web browsing we have useful content from Signified, Vandelay, My InkBlog, Detached Designs, Web Designer Wall and NETTUTS. Early this week I decided to start my quest to learn Javascript and subsequently settled on the jQuery framework, so be warned, much this roundup is jQuery related!

During the week I did a mini review of Blog.SpoonGraphics in terms of some validation errors being thrown up by the social media buttons below each post. Even though these validation errors weren't particularly important I decided to clean them up nevertheless.

Now, there are plenty of WordPress plugins that can add an array of social media buttons for you, but I preferred to simply hard code my choices right within the PHP file. The main problem this throws up is the use of unescaped ampersands from the generated urls and the fact that spaces in the title section of the url cause a 'malformed URI reference.'

Luckily Robert Love from Signified has a useful little post highlighting how to fix such errors, in brief the use of & rather than & fixes those ampersands while the snippet <?php the_title('', '', false); ?> helps generate urls complete with valid title reference.
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Vandelay Design produce some cracking posts on the topic of design, one article I found particularly useful this week was 12 Realities of Pricing Design Services. As any designer knows pricing up a project or job can be a nightmare, this post has 12 fantastic tips which also link through to further articles from across the web.

My Ink Blog
When Andrew Houle from My Ink Blog offered the chance of an interview on his blog I soon took up the offer. Andrew sent over a range of questions that covered my design education, favourite projects, my daily design routine and advice for new designers, feel free to check out my responses and gain a little insight into my everyday habits.
Thanks again to Andrew for the opportunity!

Detached Designs
As mentioned previously my week has been occupied with various research into the jQuery framework. Detached Designs is one site that helped tremendously with my learning process so far, with YouTube based screencasts and written tutorials alike the author Jeffrey Way makes getting to grips with the syntax a breeze.

Web Designer Wall
Another awesome post on the topic of jQuery is Nick La's jQuery for Designers article. I recall reading the post back in February when it was originally posted but have only just realised it's usefulness with taking on jQuery myself. After learning the basic syntax the tutorials on Web Designer Wall are a real eye opener to how some great effects and functions can be created with such simple coding.

After spending the first half of the week searching for jQuery tutorials, it seemed like the latest post; 15 Resources To Get You Started With jQuery From Scratch at NETTUTS was written for me personally! Jeffrey Way from Detached Designs contributes to the web development & design blog with his roundup of resources for getting to grips with jQuery.

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  1. Niki Brown says:

    Will have to check out the jQuery stuff – thanks!

  2. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the mention, and thanks again for the interview. We got a great response!

  3. MoNsTeR says:

    Decent roundup.

  4. Jeffrey Way says:

    Thanks for the linkage. I’m glad they helped you!

  5. Chris Coyier says:

    I credit Nick La’s post on jQuery for Designers as my inspiration for learning more about jQuery too. All those examples are very nicely written and very down-to-earth for us designers.

  6. Steven Snell says:

    Chris, thanks so much for the link.


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