Art & Design Inspiration Fix for November 11th 2011

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The Art & Design Inspiration fix pulls together a collection of my favourite graphical images that I’ve come across over the past week to give you a fix of creative inspiration. This week we have designs from Steven Bonner, Mike Friedrich, Samuel Carter Mensah, Archan Nair and Andreas Krapf.

Computer Arts Magazine by Steven Bonner

Illustration by Mike Friedrich

Fuck Yeah. SummerTime by Samuel Carter Mensah

Yuthika by Archan Nair

Icecream Island by Andreas Krapf

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  1. Jorden Tually says:

    Again, so awesome!

  2. Emma Davis says:

    I absolutely love the swan image by Steven Bonner

  3. Kasia says:

    Alice in Wonderland is great! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  4. sal says:

    You say these design’s shocked me , is an understatement.
    the colouring is brilliant ..Regards HumourBook

  5. Walter says:

    jaja, very funny the illustration: Icecream Island by Andreas Krapf, this is a very good selection for inspiration.

  6. Derrick says:

    I really like the ice cream illustration

  7. Cameron says:

    Now that I’m learning how to make these, I am so amazed by the intricacies of these designs – thanks for pulling this together.

  8. Richard Alexander says:

    I love YUTHIKA – By Archan Nair. You should really do an interview with him, just went into his website.. Wow!

  9. Pdfsdfkldsf says:

    dfgdfgdf sdfssdf

  10. Great Selection. Makes me want to whip out the ‘ol Wacom and go crazy……

  11. Amazing design. Thanks .

  12. Otto Rascon says:

    Thanks for the inspiring artwork. It’s great seeing a collection like this in one place. I love all of the crazy color exhibited here. Thanks and keep it up!

  13. applause says:

    Some amazing colour work here and I guess much time spent.


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