Six Free High-Res Glowing Light Stream Images

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Another set of resources for your collection, this time something a little different to the norm. These six high-res shots of swirling light trails are free for you to download and include in your personal artworks and designs.

Glowing Light Streams

Glowing Light Streams

Glowing Light Streams

Glowing Light Streams

Glowing Light Streams

Glowing Light Streams

Bring them into Photoshop and change the blending mode to screen to render the black area transparent, you can also adjust the colours and intensity with the Hue and Saturation menu. Go experiment!

Check out a couple of images in my portfolio for some examples of my work created using a couple of these shots. I think they would look particularly good used in an advertisement for some kind of technology or telecommunications.

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  1. Chris says:

    You will need; a dark room, a camera (with manual mode), a tripod and a torch (in this case an orange one!)

    Simply set up the camera on the tripod with a really long shutter speed, then stand in front of the lense and go crazy with the torch until the shutter closes again.


  2. Isaac Seymour says:

    Sweet! How did you make them? (Or was it with a camera?)

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Isaac,

    You guessed it, they were created with a camera.
    There are also plenty of ways to create them digitally, which has the advantage of tailoring the same to how you want, but I think the real things have that added element you don’t find from Photoshop layer styles!


  4. Scott says:

    Hey chris
    how did you make these with a camera?

  5. sneppa says:

    Thanks for sharing this nice light streams images!
    I think i can use the images for some nice works!

  6. Shabith says:

    thanks chris these are great!!!

  7. Ewa says:

    Thanks for great photos!

  8. Scott says:

    Fun! I have made similar paths in illustrator (with outer glows) but i didnt get nearly as much variation in the thickness of the lines and such, maybe a different brush would do the trick!

  9. MRB says:

    It’s Really Beautiful and profesional.
    If You Have more s3nd me please

  10. Shallala says:

    Is there a tutorial for that? it looks realy nice :)

  11. saurabh says:

    This is one of the Best Layout Blog, awaesome Work on it! really cool. Keep it up!

  12. Maximus says:

    dude you ROCK!!! ive learnt so much from your tutorials

  13. NotAFreak(); says:

    thnx, useful for aftereffects…

  14. Willie says:

    Hey great blog dude u rock !!…

    Quick question I inputed the image (s) into photoshop and then went to Normal>screen but the image went completely blank

    So sorry –

  15. uwt,v hgkhv says:

    thank you very match

  16. shona tiger says:

    Only just got here, but thank you Chris! For making all the other freebies available too :)

  17. Esta tudo em inglês eu não estou entendendo nada.
    Quero saber um site para fazer uma montagem em minha foto.
    Vcs sabem ?

  18. tzna says:

    Thanks for sharing :)

  19. martin says:

    tanks very much


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