Hand Drawn Sketchy Icons of Your Favorite Social Sites

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Back in October 2008 I posted a free set of hand drawn doodle icons for bloggers, featuring sketchy versions of a bunch of popular icons relating to the blogging world. Given the popularity of this set, I planned ever since to release an updated icon pack. This new collection of 16 sketch social icons includes logos from all your favourite social networking and bookmarking sites, including Facebook, Digg, Twitter and more.


Free social sketch icons

Facebook, Behance, Flickr and Google Icons

Twitter, Deliciou, LastFM and LinkedIn Icons

Digg, Skype, Apple and Windows Icons

StumbleUpon, Technorati, Vimeo and YouTube Icons

Download the icon pack 983kb

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  1. owh man!.. i like this very much!

  2. Thanks Chris. They are really nice!

  3. LukeSF says:

    Thanks. Will update those on my site. Had to add Blogger on my own but now have all in one including Behance! Great!

  4. Igor Klajo says:

    Wow, amazing icon set… I think there might be a website or two this icon set could come handy :D

  5. Kamal says:

    Thanks much for sharing the awesome icons Chris.
    Are there any terms of use (or license) associated with these? Can I use these on my sites or projects? Did not find any related document in the zip file.

  6. squareart says:

    very cute! I like them too: )

  7. Really nice work Chris!

  8. Superb icons Chris, bookmarked for future round-ups. :)

  9. Richie says:

    Cool stuff.. Thanks… Di you sketch and scan them or used a tablet to create them? Just curious to know, Chris :D

  10. looks really cool all icons.

  11. Gillian says:

    Wow, awesome pack! Thanks for sharing!

  12. InkSketch says:

    Thank you for your generosity. These are great. Been meaning to make some in this style but kept putting it off. Thank you again.

  13. Sam says:

    Das ist gut ja!

  14. ed says:

    Thanks a bunch…Keep up the great work Chris…

  15. Good work Chris, I like them very much.

  16. Wow, they’re nice. I might have to use them on my portfolio site!

  17. Vectorss says:

    Very nice great icons. Thanks.

  18. iainspad says:

    Question: Where’s MySpace? XD

    Joking, good looking pack. :)

  19. This is so damn awesome man, looking so good

  20. amazing work Chris! Awesome icons, I love it, looking amazingly good!

  21. Maria says:

    This is great. Very inspiring.

  22. Cory says:

    Sweet! I am using some similar icons right now that have a hand-painted look to them. These are nicely done!

  23. Lars says:

    liked the old ones, and love the new ones! but where’s the linux-penguin? ;)

  24. Lovely icons, thanks for sharing!

  25. Very nice, it’s definitely going to my bookmarks :)

  26. Alan says:

    Nice Chris, might look them out for a project im working on.

  27. Thanks Chris for sharing these cool hand drawn icon set

  28. Clay Cooke says:

    Those are awesome Chris! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Snow says:

    Do u draw, and then scan?

  30. hary says:

    Thanks Chris,really cool!

  31. Bryan says:

    Thanks for the freebies Chris! They will look awesome for a project im working on :D

  32. Nice stuff dude. I love your work, amazing icons and thanks for sharing with the community.

  33. What a great idea – I love these!

  34. Seoshneg says:

    Cool icons, thanks for sharing!

  35. Great icons as usual. What license applies for these icons?

  36. ew21netew21net says:

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  37. Thanks Chris, these look awesome mate!

  38. Lourens says:

    Thanks, very nice icons! Can I use this for commercial projects?

  39. Hillary says:

    Oh these are favorite!
    Thanks a ton. :)

  40. Nice set of icons, but to be honest, you’re entire design kicks ass. Really like it might try sketching someting similar.

  41. Really nice icons. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Thanks for the kind comments everyone. For those asking about licensing. All freebies here on Blog.SpoonGraphics are released under Creative Commons. There’s a brief overview in the sidebar

  43. really, its creative workout, it’s very useful for me, in icon set, i was looking for mysapce icon which is missing, if you make it will be good for me and others may be.

  44. Zahra says:


    I just stumbled onto your site and I love it! (I’ve been looking around for about an hr now! lol)

    I was just wondering how ‘free’ your freebies are? Can I use them for commercial use? (ex. designing invitations ) or not?

    Just wanted to ask to make sure!

  45. Ooooh! These are a fantastic icons, thank you very much for making them, Chris :)

  46. Mohit says:

    Very interesting..thanks..

  47. Gretchen says:

    I like those ideas! Thank you so much!!!

  48. Daniel says:

    Nice idea! I posted them on my blog!

  49. pipeswired says:

    Thank you spoon.. i get a lot of inspiration from your site
    in my daily design works…

  50. James says:

    Great icons, would love to see a tux icon to complete the operating system set

  51. Unes says:

    Thanks for the awesome set :)

  52. Oscar says:

    Thanks man! You are the best!

  53. Steve says:

    This is perfect timing Chris. I’d just installed the original doodle icons on my site and was coming here to ask if an update was due, and here it is. I love the consistent design and desaturated colour, and thanks for including YouTube. I miss the original RSS, so I amended the original one.

    Are you considering adding more at any point, or perhaps producing a tutorial and/or PSD template so we can try to make some of the more obscure ones ourselves? (I’m thinking Foursquare, GoodReads, Reddit, Google Reader, etc.)

    Thanks again for these and two consistently excellent sites. Your work has been an inspiration in my basic site, and will continue to be so.

  54. Mark says:

    Thanks for post with icons :) i really like them!

  55. TheShadow says:

    Very nice icons.good work.thankyou

  56. wantfee says:

    I like it. thanks!

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