GoMedia Vector Pack 12 Out Now!

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I’ve just caught news from the blog over at GoMedia that the latest vector set; Pack 12 has now been released. Featuring a range of scalable vector objects and textures including 8-Bit style graphics, Zombies, Guts & Slime, Halftones, Asian Imagery, Linework and Tattered Scrolls; a real useful addition to any designer's toolbox.

See more at the Gomedia’s Arsenal

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  1. Alx says:


  2. These look awesome, gomedia work so hard, thanks off to check em out.

  3. jax says:

    This is great! Love the vector resource – For an unlimited set of vector artworks go to
    (although this is all copy righted – but enjoy tweaking):

  4. Ruly says:

    They’re Insane!
    Totally awesome…

  5. David says:

    Those are crazy graphics!

  6. thanks for sharing :)


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