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  1. thank you, come again.

  2. Andrew says:

    FREE VECTORS! I love it!

  3. Blue Buffalo says:

    I’m going ape over these free vectors!!

    (sorry, I had to do it)

    : )

  4. mao says:

    Great silhouettes, super useful! and you were faster than me I was going to do freebie just like that :) Made a great job congrats

  5. D.A.T. says:

    very nice! Love your blog!

  6. vectors says:

    awesome set :), especially the zebra pattern.

  7. MONSTER says:

    Thanks 4 the critters.

  8. Download says:

    How to install this using ps3?

  9. Erasco says:

    WILD!! thank you :)

  10. Download says:

    How to install this using ps3?
    thx! *bump*

  11. Nikita Cooper says:

    wow loving the freebies!! thank heaps will be great for my assignments!!

  12. Qvectors says:

    @ download open the.EPS file in PS and it should work.

  13. Flash Design says:

    awesome staff, thx very much

  14. Locust says:

    Thank You very much, i was looking exactly for somethinh like this!

    awsome job m8 ;)

  15. Thanks! They are really realy really really great!

  16. NemoLoveVidy says:

    thank you, you are very helpful for my project.
    someday in the future i will donate into this site ;)

  17. Donn says:

    NIce pack, thanks. Hopefully we’ll get a job to do a zoo website now, we’ll be all prepared and ready to go withy these.


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