Free Vector Maps and Country Outlines

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This collection of free vector graphics features an extremely useful compilation of country and map outlines from across the web. A great addition to any designer’s toolbox!

A detailed world map complete with lines of latitude and longitude from Macdaddy:

vector world map
Download World Map

A vector dotted map with three different sizes to cater for different needs and purposes from Jay Han.

vector dotted map
Download Dotted World Map

European continent outline from Alberto Alvarez.

vector european map
Download European Map

Modern dotty map from Antoine Mallet.

dotted world map
Download Dotted World Map

And finally a thorough collection of various country and US state outlines from the Geobats dinbat font from Iconian Fonts.

world map font
Download World Map and Countries Dingbat Font

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  1. Daoro says:

    Concerning the European Map, it’s not up to date. Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore… this is a pre-1992 map.

    So use it wisely !

  2. pxicho says:

    and there is also Czechoslovakia, now we can find there two different states – Czech and Slovakia. sounds silly, but try to use it for czech or slovak…

  3. Blue Buffalo says:

    Good resources for world and country map outlines. Very useful.

  4. Scott says:

    hah, i feel like im watching lary king live!

    fun find spoon

  5. tabares says:

    Gracias, bastante útil el post añadiendo a mi blog. nos vemos.

  6. Salva says:

    Catalonia is not a nation, take a look on your dni, whats in? hahahahahaha

  7. Adrian says:

    Cool maps. I have seen that “modern dotty map” numerous places. It’s quite nice.

  8. clander says:

    Mc Henry, you are very fool if you don´t know spain. Im catalan but over everything, i´m spanish

  9. Blog says:

    For the digbat fonts, There is no East and West Germany anymore it’s one Germany now ant that since 1989, aproximately 19 Years ago…

  10. Blog says:

    OK it’s just on the “&” key, but it’s still not correct. Even better as if you used the map of the “Holy Roman Empire of German Nations” *lol*

  11. Luanna says:

    erm…why Sardegna is in O letter but not in N? XD
    Catalonia is a nation? Really? So why no one knows it but the catalans? :P

  12. WilR says:

    Great resources, but also remember that wikipedia has MANY complete world maps in .svg format :P

  13. Acronyms says:

    Thanks for dotty map!

  14. jellyhead says:

    nice one, thanks man

  15. Mnaira says:

    Kosovo is now a country also.

  16. Kurt says:

    Hot. Thank you.

  17. Great but my country is not here :(

    where is bulgaria

  18. ibrahim aslan says:


    Paylaşımlar için teşekkür ederim. İyi çalışmalar.


  19. Kari Buttons says:

    So excellent! I’ve needed maps so many times. Thank you, thank you.

  20. fraN says:

    Thanks for this great maps! always usefull :)

  21. Josh says:

    Very cool stuff. I saw something on youtube that showed some really cool paintbrushes that can be downloaded here. Are they still here? I didn’t see them

  22. jebon says:


  23. Mario says:

    Kosovo is not really independent, Mnaira. It’s still not recognised as a sovereign country by UN and only 30 countries, out of how many..180? recognised its declaration of independence.

  24. Sebyrar says:

    It’s a long time I wanted this kind of map.
    Thanxs a lot…

  25. Thanks for this excellent maps!it’s usefull, great work :)

  26. I’m very happy to help webdesigners with my graphics. But don’t forget that it’s free,and so please make a donation on my personnal website, if you want more free stuffs’ from me ! Thank u ! :)

  27. Jagd says:

    Thanks for all that stuff. I was looking for eps maps long long time ;)

  28. alanya haber says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  29. Alanya haber says:

    very good… Thanks you very much !

  30. dekorasyon says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  31. Justin says:

    I love the maps! All of them! Thank you!

  32. nickler says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  33. Mc Henry says:

    Catalonia is a nation!


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