Free Vector Doodles – Women’s Clothing & Fashion

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It’s time for another little vector doodles freebie, this time a collection of vector graphics based on the topic of women’s fashion. The pack contains various roughly doodled clothing items, including shoes, dresses, belts, sunglasses and bags. Feel free to use them in any of your designs, hopefully they will fit right in to a fashion website or promo designs for a clothes store.

Download Vector Graphics

Download Vector Graphics

Download Vector Resources Freebie
1.1mb | 1 x Ai | 1 x EPS CS4 | 1 x EPS v10

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  1. Katty says:

    cool! downloading!

  2. Thank you Chris! I need them

  3. Great freebies, bookmarked in case I ever need them! Thanks ;D

  4. om ipit says:

    thanks for share…
    this freebies needed by newbie designer like me

  5. tommy says:

    good to have! :)

  6. FreeGFX says:

    You are great! Thank you!

  7. Not sure if I’ll have a practical use for these, but free is free!

  8. nOeL says:

    These are great, Chris! Thanks! :)

  9. kit says:

    great work thanks :)

  10. pikori says:

    nice one…great…thx. :)

  11. michele says:;;;;please give me more fashion info.

  12. dbriders says:

    great job thanks

  13. seo says:

    good job .thanks

  14. McBonio says:

    Nice set mate, was looking for something like this a few weeks back :)

  15. Scarletbits says:

    Nice set, we actually featured an exclusive freebie about the same subject recently, check it out:

  16. ntiremedia says:

    great work

  17. Sivia Bellei says:

    Viva la donna del 2009

  18. Thanks a lot Chris !

  19. duflot says:

    Great co-opreration

  20. Michael says:

    Gracias amigos!!!
    lo que estaba buscando!

  21. Luis says:


  22. Steph says:

    Thanks Chris, helping a friend out with a mini poster, these will help her jumpstart her idea.

  23. ntiremedia says:

    great work buddy keep it up


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