Free Keep Fit Vectors – Give Your Designs a Workout!

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Give your designs a workout with this free Wii Fit inspired vector pack, featuring a range of silhouette graphics in various bendy and stretchy yoga poses. Files include Adobe Illustrator AI CS4 and EPS version 10 for easy use in your favourite vector editing application.

Download Vector Resources Freebie
1.2mb | 1 x Ai | 1 x EPS v10

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  1. Web 2.0 says:

    Really cool pack, it could be useful for a health & fitness blog, thanks…

  2. Luan Machado says:

    This post is very useful!!

  3. Wondering where you got the freebies from. Did you make them? if so, nice job.

    • Tebe says:

      He probably did, since it would be kind of nasty to post them here without mentioning the creator, and we don’t believe Chris would do such a thing!

  4. Drezz says:

    A new addition to the vector library. Thanks for the download, Chris. :)

  5. Kathryn says:

    Thanks for the vectors. Have perfect place to use.

  6. Nokadota says:

    Sweet, thanks for the resources.

  7. These are awesome! These are going into my archives.

  8. Thanks for these, they will definitely come in handy!

  9. Great set .. thanks for sharing them

  10. Henri says:


  11. DN says:

    These are awesome! These are going into my archives.

  12. Fabulous vectors. Thanks for sharing this nice post chris.

  13. Tine says:

    Thx! Great work!

  14. Emm says:

    Thanks for all those free stuff, its really cool.

  15. Garry says:

    I think that apart of grey color other contrasting colors can also be used to make it equally attractive

  16. N3T1O says:

    great ones!

  17. These really do look like they belong on the Wii Fit box. They are just that nicely done.

  18. Great, thanks for these. What font did you use for ‘Keep Fit’?

  19. Those are simply awesome. Appreciate the share.

  20. Stinky48 says:

    Nigeria does not need daft loans which will end up in Ghana-must-go bags. ,

  21. John30 says:

    Thanks for the good ideas and book recommendations, commenters. ,

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