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  1. bsilvia says:

    I like it! :)
    Did you actually spray the paper with color spray? Or…?


  2. FeIZocE says:

    So big, so good. Linked on my blog ;)

  3. TONY BARRIO says:

    Thanks, i know im a master

  4. awds says:

    will this work with cs3 extended?

  5. Todd Page says:

    You… are my hero?


  6. thanks for the great free set.

  7. gaspar says:

    amiguito el link no anda.. arreglalo papa.

  8. gaspar says:

    y????? como te pone la gorra gringo eh??? mne deja garpando loco… eso no se ase loco…todo mal con vo-

  9. 300 says:

    just what i needed!

  10. grateful says:

    this brush is fantastic. I can not express how absolutely grateful I am for this!!!

    it makes what I’ve been trying to figure out with my own stock brushes for months sooooo much easier and MORE AUTHENTIC… you rock!!!!!

  11. web-d says:

    very nice, i had a project i needed one like this…too late..
    next time

  12. michelle says:

    this is great, so useful! thanks!


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