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  1. Khaled says:

    Nice, new brushes in my collection …
    Thanks SG!

  2. Myke Cave says:


    Is there anyway to get the .png’s for those still using an older version of PS?

  3. Jacob Cass says:

    You should submit to brusheezy :)

  4. FeIZocE says:

    Now .abr files also work in Gimp 2.4, I wrote a bill that points to this awesome resource. Thanks very much ;)

  5. Christopher says:

    Excellent! Thankyou

  6. Blue Buffalo says:

    Sweet – nice brushes. Thanks!

  7. koosuke says:

    halo SG im from mexico and yours brushes really cool but the zipped archive doesnt works when i try to oppened it on my comp i dont know if you can help me with another source thanks ill apreciate it

  8. Ian M Soper says:

    I’m getting an “End of File” error on the brush file. Can you reupload it? Thanks.

  9. Chris says:

    File re-uploaded, the new version has been double tested and seems to be working fine – please try again!


  10. Juan says:

    Man I love all the stuff you do, I really appreciate all the things that you post and all the help that you give people, thank you so much for everything that you do.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yo dude…
    You really help! They don’t teach much of the technical side at Uni… mostly theory etc… So ur helpn me with my creative career than some of my lecturers! THANKS! for all the free stuff too… the world becomes a more visually interesting place when people share their art/tools.

  12. Skipper says:

    Holy crap.

    Honestly… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better set of Photoshop brushes before in my life.

    Now, if only I could install it on the computers at school, which HAVE Photoshop.

  13. super d says:

    excellent man! thanks

  14. cheryln says:

    Thanks! I’ve been needing this for forever. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  15. Thanks for brushes so much!

  16. Caroly says:

    Thank you :) I like this brushes ;) Thanks again!

  17. ferchito says:

    wow thak´s a lot :)

  18. Hossein says:

    Its Fine. Thanks a lot

  19. andy says:

    Thanks for sharing these. Interesting and useful resources for designing.

  20. Aaron says:

    Do these work in CS3?


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