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  1. Majice says:

    Nice icons, verry funny :)
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great Icons, good job
    See more:

  3. nightS says:

    These encouraged me to learn how to use Illustrator..
    They’re incredibly cute :D

  4. Aw, love those pretty furry little guys.

    Nice job Chris!

  5. McBonio says:

    Good job mate, cute little fellas lol

  6. Very nice little monsters, and your tutorial was awesome, thank you!

  7. z.Yleo77 says:

    really nice cute。。。 hehe:)。。。

  8. Katie says:

    I love the monsters,they are so cute

  9. Iva says:

    The green one is about the cutest thing ever. Plus it’s green! :) Thanks.

  10. om ipit says:

    thanks, there is cute icon.
    nice work

  11. These will make an adorable addition to any desktop or web page.

  12. Flo says:

    Great, thank you for those little monsters.

  13. Cute icons, shall download and use them when I have a mac! (Windows doesn’t deserve them!)

  14. yoogi says:

    I like those gays! They looks like Chuzzles by PopCap )

  15. JP says:

    That is toooo funny! I wonder what the guys would say when they see theses icons on my desktop. LOL

  16. Semblance says:

    Awe… they are really cute. I have to use them now… few adjustments to my desktop coming up!

  17. Awesome icons, thanx for the post.

  18. Jane says:

    Really cute icons good job!

  19. omtay38 says:

    I. Love. These.
    Soon these little monsters will be galavanting around my desktop. Thanks!

  20. joseph says:

    You can see one of this monster for real at

  21. dmitry says:

    Thanks! They’re awesome! >.<

  22. Symon says:

    Nice. Thanks for sharing :P

  23. mchiareli says:

    Hi Chris, i have a open source project to track objects with a webcam

    I’m looking for a blue creature to use as icon, could I use your icons to create it?


  24. I love the monsters,they are so cute

  25. anistock says:

    As always Chris, I love your articles and content

  26. ButTons says:

    A little bit like “Monster AG” (is the german title of this animation-movie). Thanks for sharing, Chris!

  27. oyunlar 1 says:

    really cute monsters.
    thanks for icons.

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