8 Free Cute & Simple Twitter Bird Vector Graphics

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Displaying Twitter updates on your blog has become a popular trend. Inspired by the best artists in the world – kids and infants, these eight vector Twitter birds take on the simple hand drawn style of youngsters, making for some super cute characters to present your latest tweet on your blog!

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  1. techwarman says:

    This are awesome, thanks for the freebies.

  2. A u d e e says:

    :D ow.. so cuuuute…… downloaded, Thanks!

    Btw, just wanna let u know that you have misspelled the download link tag. Should it be written 812kb instead of 812mb?

  3. colin says:

    just wanted to rdop by and say your blog is really a treat to read

    thanks for sharing these updates with the world!

  4. KateC says:

    I really like your birds, they look great. They are super cute designs. I would love to see some more of your work so going to search now. thanks again

  5. Pattycakes says:

    Love the birds!! Thank you, thank you! :)

  6. Some very nice graphics! Like the wonky, child-drawn effect.

  7. melissa says:

    These are so cute! Can’t wait to use them! Thx

  8. brainpicker says:

    These are awesome. Go great with my (meaning your) twitter doodle icon :)

  9. Takumi86 says:

    Thats cute, simple art but have nice touch

  10. this website = STUPENDOUS!! :)


  11. Kyle says:

    These totally look like JoeCartoon drawings!

  12. Margaret says:

    Great! These are really cute – thanks a lot!

  13. Abby says:

    I just wanted to say that you’re pretty amazing.
    Thanks for all the shares and tutorials! :D These are really cute.

  14. admin says:

    Thank you for the awesome birds! Love them!

  15. Thanks for the comments everyone, I hope they come in handy.

    @Audee, indeed 812kb it should be! Although one of the birds is a little plump – maybe it bumped up the filesize a bit!

  16. chethan says:

    nice, reminds me of a kid who used to do same kinds of cartoons.. But these are really good

  17. Wandtatto says:

    Very Nice, Very Cute.

  18. Patareco says:

    Lovely illustration work!

  19. Bigod says:

    very nice. i directly changed it on my blog. thanks!

  20. very cute and very nice work. I was looking for it. thanks for such a great post.

  21. way cool! must have a closer look…

  22. Nice style, look similar to what Joe Cartoon does:

  23. George says:

    I love these graphics :)

  24. DT says:

    They are just cute! I will use one of them in my site redesign.

  25. Eligio says:

    Not cute, maybe I’m used to see this kind of drawing on my son drawing pad. By the way does anyone know what kind of bird this is?


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