5 Genuine Carbon Fiber Textures for Photoshop

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The sleek appearance of carbon fibre is well associated with a range of sports, popular not only for its strength to weight ratio but often left exposed to showcase its beautiful weave texture. These Photoshop patterns have been constructed using genuine carbon fibre weave to ensure a highly realistic image.

The carbon weave patterns are available in five sizes, all contained within a Photoshop PAT file. Download the ZIP and use as you wish within your designs.

Are you also a fan of the sleek texture of carbon fibre? Spruce up your desktop or iPhone with these wallpapers!

Carbon Fibre Wallpaper

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  1. awsome, thnx.
    have been looking for a nice carbon fiber texture recently!

  2. Liora says:

    Cool. Beautiful effect.

  3. Duncan says:

    Awesome! thanks for this, im gonna make a sweet desktop theme with this badboy!

  4. Nice carbon fibre pattern. Thanks

  5. Shane says:

    Liking these patterns, Does anyone think CF is getting a push for 09?

  6. Emily says:

    These look really good! Nice job!

  7. very nice indeed. these would look very cool as a background for cut out letters. mmmm me thinks 2009 trends maybe.

  8. Xtence says:

    what a good idea!

  9. Great freebie – looks really realistic! :)

  10. Ozmatix says:

    Good job, these look great!

  11. Thanks for the great quality freebie! Can’t wait to see some work using these…

  12. Ricky C says:

    Not bad, i could use these for my next wallpaper project

  13. So can I use this on a commercial project. Kind of confused because it doesn’t specifically say. Can never be too careful either.

  14. wow, that can really hurt your eyes after a while. Great freebies though.

  15. ladyfox says:

    These are great. Thanks for sharing

  16. Kayla says:

    These are really cool…thank you!

  17. bigwolf says:

    really nice..

  18. CMDG says:

    Nice textures. Thanks!

  19. Khaled says:

    awsome … thank you

  20. cbhost says:

    Great, thanks…looks very realistic..

  21. Firestorm says:

    Nice! Just found your site from a tweet by tony chester. awesome stuff! thanks!

  22. giulio says:

    wow it’s beautiful pattern thank you

  23. Free Gift says:

    thanks a lot for these textures. i really need these to make banner.

  24. chris says:

    Nice I like it. thx a lot

  25. Bagus Zen says:

    Great…i luv that. Thanks a lot

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