Over 1000 Top Quality Vintage Design Resources!

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If you love finding awesome design resources that help you create vintage style designs then you should definitely check out this whole new bundle from Design Cuts. I’ve been really enjoying playing with the goodies from their last retro and vintage bundle, but this latest collection is packed full of more completely new and enticing items. This Ultimate Vintage and Retro Design Bundle is crammed with over 1000 high quality premium resources, including authentic textures, logo templates, brushes and vectors.

Blog.SpoonGraphics Turns 7 – Surviving the Apocalypse

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Happy Birthday everyone! April marks that time of year when I celebrate another year of running this blog and take a look back at what has changed over time. Seven years have now ticked by since I started this site in April of 2007. I was a little worried after writing up last year’s 6 year anniversary post because soon after Google Reader was due to be retired, which was the tool 75% of my readers used to browse my content. Thankfully I survived the apocalypse and my blog is doing better than ever! Let’s take a look behind the scenes and see what’s new this year.

Incredible Creative Fonts Bundle with Loads of Extras

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In the past I’ve always kept away from distressed style fonts for the basic reason that using the same letter twice within any word in your design stands out like a sore thumb as the weathered markings are identical between them. However, I’ve just come across this huge creative fonts bundle on Design Cuts that contains a bunch of incredible fonts that bypass this problem by including loads of additional variations with different levels of wear and tear.

All The Vintage Design Resources You Could Wish For!

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As a follower of my blog I’m guessing you share my passion for vintage style design, so I’m sure this resources bundle will blow your mind! There’s a number of talented design shops that sell some amazing retro & vintage resources, now imagine the top sellers from all those retailers combined into one huge 6GB vintage design bundle. That’s exactly what Design Cuts have managed to pull off as their latest deal. 900+ premium quality items in one vast bundle, squeezed down in price by 93% to just $29.

Just Grabbed Myself These Awesome New Fonts!

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Designers can never have enough fonts! If you’ve ever splashed out on premium fonts before you’ll know just how much better in quality they tend to be than the run of the mill freebies you find on the web. No ugly paths when you look up close and no horrendous kerning issues! The trouble is these pro grade fonts are usually so high in price it’s difficult to acquire a decent collection. However, there’s currently a bundle of beautiful professional fonts on offer for 94% off at Design Cuts. Take this opportunity to grab yourself some complete font-families for just $24.