Blog.SpoonGraphics Turns 8 – Onwards and Upwards

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I almost forgot all about my annual tradition to write a birthday/anniversary post every April when my little blog gets another year older. 2015 marks 8 years of Spoon Graphics, so let’s take a look at how things have changed over the past 12 months. Last year I talked about the tweaks I’d made to my site to survive the apocalypse. I’m happy to report that those changes have made great improvements to my site’s growth, and things seem to be looking good for the future.

99% Off 22 Professional Fonts. That’s a Saving of $2500!

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything for sale at 99% off before, but Design Cuts have just released a new font bundle with this massive discount. For a limited time you can get your hands on 22 professional font families worth $2622 for just $29, giving you an unbelievable saving of over $2500! The fonts included are top quality too, they’re all best sellers at their full price, which is often more than the entire bundle. Each one comes with multiple weights, extensive language support and loads of contextual alternates, which sets them apart from the bog standard free fonts you can find on the web. To round off this fantastic deal, you also get extended licensing and free web fonts so you can safely use these fonts in all your design projects.

Superb Resources for Creating Popular Artistic Effects

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There’s a range of effects designers often need to produce in their artwork. Watercolour effects, sketched effects, printed effects and illustrated effects are examples of popular styles that can take considerable amounts of time (and skill) to create manually using traditional tools. Thankfully there are time saving kits that allow us to produce realistic effects without the hassle or the mess. A wide selection of these kits have just become available in one complete bundle over at Design Cuts; The Beautifully Artistic Designer’s Kit contains 23 best selling premium resources that help you create stunning artwork with ease.

1000s of Vector Graphics for Every Design Situation

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Vector graphics are a life saver for designers. When deadlines are fast approaching there’s no time to tediously illustrate design elements by hand, or frantically search the web for rare illustrations. Having a library of quality resources allows you to copy & paste ready made elements straight into your designs to quickly produce stunning artwork with all the fun and none of the stress. There’s currently a fantastic opportunity to grab a comprehensive collection of vector graphics from Design Cuts. The Creative Vectors Bundle contains 1000s of varied vector elements, including decorative flourishes, vintage packs, floral designs, textures, patterns, and more! All for a massive 94% discount!

A Massive Bundle of 40 Premium Fonts for Just $29

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If you’re craving for some tasty new fonts, The Hungry Jpeg has served up a feast with their 40 fonts super bundle. This massive collection contains loads of high quality premium fonts from some of the best designers and illustrators in the world. There’s a nice mix of styles too, from elegant brush scripts to sturdy slab serifs, and many of them even come with additional items such as illustrated ornament packs. You can get them all for just $29, but this offer is only available for 14 days.

22 Best Selling Gorgeous Font Families for 98% Off

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I know I have many fellow font lovers in my readership so I can see you all going nuts over the latest fonts bundle from Design Cuts. This is their biggest and most varied collection yet with 22 font families, including artistic hand-drawn fonts, corporate fonts, elegant fonts, traditional fonts, script fonts and more! All these popular, best selling products come with web font variants and extended licensing so you can use them in any design project, even items you intend to sell.