The Most Extensive, Highest Quality Design Bundle Ever

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I’ve shared some staggering design bundles from Design Cuts over recent months, but nothing compares to the latest design package on offer. This all new bundle covers the very best resources across every category – from fonts, to vectors, textures, brushes, mockup templates, scene creators, effects packs and more! It contains 1000s of items that you’ll be using in your projects for years to come. What’s more, it has been reduced in price by an insane 98%. When was the last time you paid just 2% of something’s value?!

This Bundle is a Dream Come True for Print Designers!

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What are some of the most sought after resources for print lovers? Professional fonts? Print effect kits? Scalable vector graphics? Or maybe super high-res stock photographs? How about a bundle that contains all these these useful design resources, reduced in price by 97%?! The latest deal from Design Cuts is The Print Designer’s Bundle, which has been specifically put together based on requests from the community. It contains a huge variety of best selling items that are perfect for creating print themed design work, all for just $29.

21 Beautiful Script & Calligraphy Fonts for 97% Off!

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Script and calligraphy fonts are some of the most sought after resources, so this new bundle of 21 beautiful fonts from Design Cuts is a dream come true for typography fans! Fonts of this quality can be pretty expensive at full price. In fact, if you were to buy this collection at regular price, it would cost you $922. This is a unique chance to own them all for a massive 97% off the regular price, saving you almost $900!

Prepare for 2015 with 1000s of New Artistic Resources!

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Prepare for the creative challenges you might encounter in 2015 with some incredible new design resources. This fresh bundle from Design Cuts features 1000s of all-new artistic resources that allow you to create realistic watercolour effects, retro effects, gold effects, glitter effects, and many more creative effects in a matter of seconds. These kinds of design effects are typically really difficult to create from scratch, and so this bundle is a great opportunity to save yourself a lot of time and stress in your creative work this year! The bundle also contains a nice selection of mockup templates and artistic scene creators, which are the ideal tools for revamping your portfolio with stunning presentations of your work.

20 All New Best Selling Fonts, Just $29 for Them All!

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I’ve heard from many of my readers who love receiving my email notifications of spectacular deals on design resources. You guys can’t seem to get enough fonts, so you might be particularly interested in this latest collection from Design Cuts. At 98% off the discounts are getting so high there’s little left on the price tag! This is a great opportunity to grab $1894 worth of beautiful fonts for just $29.

The Most Popular Design Resources in the World

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How do you fancy getting your hands on the hottest resources from the most popular design shops in the world? Design Cuts have put together another deal packed full of top quality resources and squashed the price down by 94%. These items are selling like crazy at their full price, which in most cases is more than the entire deal! Even if you’ve picked up any of the previous offers I’ve shared, you still might want to check this one out. It’s a brand new bundle of fresh items, these resources haven’t been featured in any previous Design Cuts deal.