Blog.SpoonGraphics Design Tutorials Greatest Hits 2012

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It’s that time of year when I reflect on another year’s worth of design tutorials here on Blog.SpoonGraphics and check over the stats to see which posts ended up proving the most popular. Here’s a roundup of the most popular tutorial posts from 2012 based on the number of StumbleUpon ‘thumbs up’ votes.

30 Amazing Star Wars Inspired Designs & Illustrations

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Designers often base their experimental work on their personal interests, and one interest that common with creative geeks is the Star Wars saga. This has led to an array of Star Wars inspired digital artwork, designs and illustrations appearing in online portfolios across the web. This post showcases just a small collection of such artworks, each one based around familiar elements from the Star Wars franchise but with a unique style of design.

Showcase of 20 Inspiring Typography Poster Designs

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Whenever I’m in need of a quick dose of design inspiration I look no further than typography poster collections on bookmarking and pinning websites. Not only are these artworks created with stunning lettering, they also come in a variety of design styles from big and bold to floral and elegant. This post rounds up a collection of 20 inspirational typography designs to give you a creative boost.

30 Modern Examples of Vintage Style Graphic Design

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One of the hottest design styles at the moment is the revival of vintage theme. Designers are using classic typography techniques, muted colours and dirty textures to simulate designs from centuries past. This post rounds up some of the most inspiring examples of modern branding, packaging and print projects with a vintage style.

The Best Ways To Make Your Photos Black & White

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If you have an interest in Photography chances are one day you’ll want to convert one of your images to black and white to achieve that atmospheric and intense look. The actual process can be as easy as clicking a button, but what are the best ways to make your photos black and white in Photoshop? In this post I’ll cover some of the popular techniques and describe which methods give the best results.