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Gino and Co. from the Graphic Design related blog You The Designer have recently established a useful design forum aptly named Your Design Forums. It is fast becoming a great resource for Graphic and Web Designers to chat and share interests with a considerable number of core members since it’s launch just over a week ago.


The site features a range of forums split into the three main topics of Graphic Design, Web Design and Business each with sub-forums covering general discussions, showcases & critiques, resources, tutorials, news & events and marketing & promotion.

All in all, a great place to meet and interact with fellow designers and bloggers!

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  1. Shir says:

    First, I love your site! It’s fresh and interesting …

    I really would like your opinion, I am trying to finish my portfolio design and I was wondering what you all think of it.

    I could use some critiques for the design … hopefully good ones. It was built with Flash since I don’t really know anything about HTML.

    Please be gentle, it’s my first web design, my expertise is print :)

    Thanks again and here is the link …

  2. Assissotom says:

    thanks you peopels.

  3. Very good website you have here.

  4. Rheo says:

    Great blog! Lots of info and entertaining too!

  5. brunettebarbie says:


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  6. Chicago says:

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