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Art & Design Inspiration Fix for August 31st 2012

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The Art & Design Inspiration Fix pulls together a collection of my favourite graphical images that I’ve come across over the past week to give you a fix of creative inspiration. This week we have designs from Robert Fori, Renato Cunha, Federica Bonfanti, Helms Workshop and Kid Grandios.

6 Photoshop Alternatives for the Casual Designer

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Photoshop isn’t just an industry standard piece of image manipulation software used by professionals, it’s also an application that is sought after by many hobbyists looking to fulfil their creative passion. Unfortunately at $600 dollars it’s out of reach for most casual users, so other than pirating (which is bad mmkay), what high quality alternatives are available for the casual designer?

Create a Trendy Retro Cityscape Design in Photoshop

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Follow this step by step Photoshop tutorial to create a cool cityscape poster design with the trendy retro style and effects that are so popular at the moment. We’ll use a range of texture resources and Photoshop techniques to give the design an aged and distressed appearance and send it back in time a few decades.