Posts from April, 2011

Is There Enough Room for New Designers? (and more!)

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In this week’s question time I talk about how you can find new clients on the Internet; what the best application is for designing logos; whether I’m right or left handed; if there’s still room for new designers in this saturated industry; and why I don’t make video tutorials.

MOJO-Themes Bundle Giveaway for Premium Members

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The friendly folks from MOJO-Themes are currently celebrating their one year anniversary, and have arranged a giveaway of 3 of their Anniversary Bundles to Access All Areas members. The bundle includes 14 of their most popular WordPress and Tumblr themes, with a total value of $442. Members, log in to find out how to enter the giveaway, otherwise if you want to get your hands on the bundle straight away for just $25, head over to

How To Create a Dramatic Action Scene in Photoshop

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I’ve recently been admiring the book covers of those military action thrillers, you know – Andy McNab and the like? So I decided to have a go at designing my own dramatic war torn scene in a similar style. Follow this step by step photo manipulation tutorial where we’ll be using stock photos, textures and brushes to produce an intense design.

How To Create a Stylish Skull Based Vector Illustration

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The skull and crossed pistons mark is a popular adaption of the tradition skull and crossbones symbol and is commonly seen in motorcycle culture, amongst other. Follow this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create your own underground skull & crossed pistons graphic. We’ll start with a simple sketch, then build up the detail using a range of linework and vector shapes.