Posts from June, 2009

Free Vector Doodles – Women’s Clothing & Fashion

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It’s time for another little vector doodles freebie, this time a collection of vector graphics based on the topic of women’s fashion. The pack contains various roughly doodled clothing items, including shoes, dresses, belts, sunglasses and bags. Feel free to use them in any of your designs, hopefully they will fit right in to a fashion website or promo designs for a clothes store.

This Week’s Favourites – June 20th 2009

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For this week’s collection of creative design links check out a site dedicated to free textures, examples of awesome light graffiti, a tutorial on creating a watercolor effect, an illustrator graph tutorial and a Photoshop steampunk illustration walkthrough.

Create a Cute Furry Vector Monster in Illustrator

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Follow these steps in Adobe Illustrator to create your very own super cute fuzzy monster character. We’ll be working with the basic shapes to start, then use a variety of gradients to add depth. We can then finish it off with some detailed fur effects to really lift the design from the screen.

This Week’s Favourites – June 12th 2009

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For this week’s roundup of cool and creative links we have a collection of the top design blogs to follow; a bunch of designers who share their logo design processes; a tutorial on how to convert web design mockups into XHTML/CSS; a tutorial covering the process of creating a printed promo kit; and a compilation of sweet vector business cards.