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This Week’s Favourites – March 6th 2009

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In this week’s roundup of interesting links from across the web we have some creative brochure designs, a collection of sites with beautiful character illustrations, a very cool Illustrator tutorial, a guide to using icons in web design and five logo redesigns that caused the most outrage.

15 Tutorials for Recreating Authentic Photo Effects

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Photoshop effects usually bring up thoughts of vibrant swirling lines and abstract pieces of stunning artwork, not to mention the not so cool Photoshop filters that have been the cause of eye-wrenching design choices for years. There are, however a range of effects that not only look great, but stay true to the traditional photographic techniques the effects originally evolved from. Here are 15 tutorials for recreating authentic photo effects such as Lomo photography, HDR and Cross Processing digitally in Adobe Photoshop.