Posts from March, 2009

How To Create an Awesome Vector Skate Deck Design

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There’s nothing cooler than designing artwork for a skateboard deck! Follow this walkthrough in Adobe Illustrator to create your own vibrant and stunning vector artwork using geometric lines, shapes and a perfect colour scheme. The result is an awesome deck design ready for wall hanging, or hooking up with trucks and wheels for a session on the street!

This Week’s Favourites – March 20th 2009

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I’ve come across some really cool posts and articles recently, making their way into this week’s roundup is a website dedicated to showcasing business card designs; a collection of beautiful watercolour effects in web design; tips for working with Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh tool; a compilation of tutorials for getting to grips with digital painting; and a bunch of resources for grid based design.

Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices

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With Twitter quickly becoming the hottest site to be seen on, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. There has already been a range of quality designs showcased on various sites, which has shown an emergence of trends such as the ‘sidebar’. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices around Twitter background design and get to work creating our own.