Posts from December, 2008

25 Modest Websites With a Muted Colour Scheme

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A muted palette could be described as a selection of subdued or restrained colours which appear quite soft and easy on the eye. Compared with the bright and brash colour schemes of many modern web designs, these muted palettes give the impression of sophistication and modesty. Often using browns or subtle greys along with pastels and subtle highlights they make a great collection of inspiring designs. Check out these 25 hand picked examples from across the web.

This Week's Favourites – December 26th 2008

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I stumbled across some great posts for this week's roundup. This time we've got a couple of inspiring roundups of cool illustration work in the form of Snowboard and T-Shirt designs as well as an interesting article discussing the use of search forms and a handy list of the A-Z of web design!

Create a Themed Repeating Pattern in Illustrator

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Follow this Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a range of simple vector objects based around the theme of a designer's lifestyle, then tile them together into a cool looking repeating pattern. The creation of objects based on Illustrator's basic shapes makes for a great tutorial for beginners while resulting in an awesome outcome which can be put to use in a range of design projects.

5 Inspiring Web Design Conference Speeches you Shouldn’t Have Missed in 2008

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Web design conferences are fantastic for keeping up to date with the industry changes and for gaining useful advice from big name contributors. Unfortunately with there being conferences held around the world from Brighton to New York and beyond visiting just one (never mind all of them!) can be a challenge. Thankfully, some of the design conference organisers embrace the social aspect of the modern web and provide videos of the conference sets online, here are my top five web design conference speeches for 2008.

What’s New at Blog.SpoonGraphics?

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I've been busy working on a revamp behind the scenes of Blog.SpoonGraphics recently with aims to push the site forward and make use of the new features of WordPress 2.7 as well as CSS3 styling rules that are gaining wider support with the near release of Firefox 3.1.
Here's my little roundup of what's new!