Posts from February, 2008

Illustrator Tutorial – Create a Colourful Abstract Wavy Ribbon

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One of the subscribers here at Blog.SpoonGraphics recently emailed me asking if I could create a tutorial on how I produced the wavy ribbon shape as seen in one of my personal works; Retro Kicks. I was happy to oblige so here we have a simple walkthrough on how to create a colourful abstract ribbon shape in Illustrator, which can then be used as an element in your designs.

Photographers, Let Photoshop Do The Work

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Last year I wrote about a nifty little feature in Photoshop called Automate Batch, which can dramatically reduce your working times when adjusting large numbers of images or photos.
Another of those useful options built right into Photoshop is the Contact Sheet generator. As with the Automate Batch, this is old news for those who already know about the feature but could make your day as a Photographer if you don’t!