Posts from January, 2008

The Funkiest Ampersands You Have Ever Seen

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An ampersand is the figure used to represent the word ‘and’, it is widely recognised by the symbol; &. The symbol originates from the combination of the letter E and T, from the Latin word ‘et’. Over time the symbol has evolved from displaying these two letters quite evidently, to the shape we use today in everday writing.
Looking through large collections of typefaces highlights some real creative representations of the ampersand, many of which revert back to the traditional method of displaying the word ‘et’, others head for a more abstract approach. Here is a collection of possibly the funkiest ampersands you have ever seen!

GoMedia Vector Pack 9 out now!

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I’ve just caught news from the blog over at GoMedia that the latest vector set; Pack 9 has now been released.� Featuring a range of scalable vector objects and textures including Hooladanders 3, Heraldry 2, Abstract Halftones, Western, Signs, The 80s and Flowers; a real useful addition to any designer’s toolbox.

Upcoming Movie Posters of 2008

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As an avid cinema go’er I always enjoy keeping up to date on the upcoming movie releases, and as a designer I particularly enjoy checking out their movie poster artwork.� Here is a compilation of upcoming movie posters for 2008 from IMP Awards with a range of different design styles.