Posts from April, 2007

Three Simple Workspace Efficiency Tips

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When working with design applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Flash it is important to ensure you have plenty of workspace to put into use. Just like when working with pen and paper, having a large tidy work desk makes life much easier than a small, cluttered workspace.

Photoshop Brushes & Decorative Fonts Tip

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I decided to write this little tip after analysing an album cover I recently bought and noticed the use of brushes and decorative fonts within the artwork. Photoshop brushes and decorative fonts are great for creating a quick and easy effect or particular style, however the following alternative should be considered to address to the finer details…

Free Ornate Wallpaper Pattern

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I have read a couple of articles recently about ornate pattern creeping back into design after the trend of minimalism, probably most obvious in Interior Design with floral wallpaper and intricate design being introduced to feature walls.
In web design for example many sites have implemented patterns into the webpage background